Sale of Age Restricted Goods Policy

Sale of Age Restricted Goods Policy

Please note under the Criminal Justice Act 1988 (as amended) the sale of knives and blades is in the age-restricted category.

As an online retailer of kitchenware, we offer for sale a range of bladed items which are restricted for sale to persons over the age of 18. We take the responsibility of age verification very seriously and adhere to the following policy.
As part of the transactional process, we will attempt to verify the age of the person purchasing any bladed product using Verify My Age Service. This system will seek to verify the customer’s details against several databases in order to clarify the customer’s age.

You can find more information about Verify My Age Service here and more detail about how and why we share your data with Verify My Age Service here.

There are two possible outcomes when we perform this check.

1. The customer’s age is verified, and they are confirmed as over the age of 18. In this case, the order will progress through our systems and be delivered as normal.

2. The customer’s age cannot be verified and it is not possible to confirm whether they are over the age of 18 or not. In this case, the customer will receive an email informing them that the age verification was not successful and the order will be cancelled.

If you need any further information regarding the sale of bladed items or this policy, please contact our customer service team at